Light microscopy

The platform offers 2 types of services:

    The provision of systems. In this case, the user is trained by the platform's engineers and then uses the systems autonomously. For sessions reserved without assistance, the engineers can be available in case of specific questions or in case of technical problems (hardware malfunction).
    If necessary, the autonomous user can book a session with assistance.
    The platform is not responsible for the results obtained by the autonomous users.  The autonomous user is responsible for the equipment made available to him/her.
    The collaborative project. This is the case when the user's project requires the assistance of one or more engineers of the platform for (i) punctual or regular assistance or (ii) for the development of a technique or technology for the user's applications or an image acquisition or processing protocol. Billing for project monitoring may be subject to special billing depending on the system used.
    The engineers involved guarantee the quality of the results.

All photonic microscopy applications can be considered as long as the fluorochromes used and the requested spatial and temporal resolutions are compatible with the platform's systems.
The main applications concern the visualization and analysis of cell and tissue structures and dynamic processes. Samples can be varied: cells in culture, explants, embryos, small whole organisms, fungi, plants...

The services are carried out with the following equipment:

    3 confocal microscopes (LSM980, LSM780 and SP5)
    3 spinning disk microscopes (2CSU-X1 and CSU-W1)
    2 full field microscopes (ZEISS full field and Lumar stereomicroscope)
    1 super resolution microscope (ZEISS Elyra)
    1 fluorescence spectroscopy system (Microtime PICOQUANT)
    1 microscope 2-Photon (LAVISION BIOTEC)
    3 image processing and analysis stations

Most of these devices are under maintenance contract and their correct operation is checked twice a year by the platform's engineers, in addition to preventive and curative maintenance visits carried out by the supplier's after-sales service.
As the platform is not in a confined space, only Class I biological samples are accepted.  

In the case of a long-term project that does not require special development, training is offered to users for confocal, spinning, field and super-resolution systems. These individual trainings include theoretical and practical parts. Autonomous users can have access to the platform during its opening hours and according to the IJM rules and regulations. Automated acquisitions can be carried out over several days.

The MicroTime and 2-photon systems are only operated by the platform's expert staff.

For the moment, there is no archiving of user data on the platform. The data are stored on the acquisition stations for a minimum of 2 weeks, without any guarantee of backup in case of a problem with the acquisition PC.
The user is therefore responsible for the archiving of his personal data which he can save on an external Hard Disk belonging to him.

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