Booking costs photonic microscopy

Charging rates of the equipment

Charging rules

From 9h – 18h every hour is charged. After 18h and untill 9h of next day, only the first 4 hours are charged.
Saturday and Sunday, only 50% of the usedhours are charged.
The trainings are charged at the same booking cost per hour as the training with assistance.
Confocal : 2 sessions of 2h (theory and practise)
Spinning disk : one session of 3h
Wide field : one session of 3h
Stereomicroscope : one session of 2h

Collaborative projects

Collaborative projects
Every project that demands the complete participation of a facility engineer, by establishing an experimental protocol, analysing the data, or using techniques that are specialized or under development (FCS, FLIM-FRET, SPIM, multi-photon microscopy, super-resolution microscopy) is considered as a collaborative project and is subject to special charging rates. An initial estimation is provided before the project.

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