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ImagoSeine is member of the national infrastructure  network FranceBioImaging (France Bio Imaging)
The facility is also stronlgy implicated in national networks (GIS-IBiSA, GDR 2588).

Electronic microscopy :

Networks :

RCCM : Network of the common centers of microscopy
3DEM : 3-Dimensional Electron Microscopy
GUMP : group of FEI electron microscopy users

Courses in electron microscopy :
Don W. Fawcett's The Cell
Electron Microscopy for Dummies

Photonic microscopy :

Networks :
RTmfm : technological network for the photonic microscopy of multidimensional fluorescence
SFµ : french society of microscopies

Open access software :

Courses in photonic microscopy and numerical imaging :
Zeiss Online Campus
Nikon MicroscopyU

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