Electron microscopy

Methods available



  • 1 FEI-Philips TECNAI 12 electron microscope equipped with a bottom-mounted CCD camera, (OneView 4Kx4K Gatan). Driven by Gatan software GMS. Autonomous access after training.
  • 1 FEI TeneoVS scanning electron microscope, equiped with ETD, SE and BSE detectors and the module VolumeScope (for Serial-Block-Face acquisition) driven by softwares FEI and Maps2. Autonomous access after training.
  • 1 microscope électronique à balayage TeneoVS, équipé de détecteurs ETD, SE et BSE et du module VolumeScope (pour le mode Serial-Block-Face) piloté par les logiciels FEI et Maps2 (en « libre service » après formation).
  • Porte objet Tomographie Fischione 2020, avec inclinaison jusqu'à +/-80°
  • 1 high pressure freezing Leica EM PACT2.
  • 2 Leica AFS freeze substitution system: for freeze substitution and specimen embedding at low temperature.
  • 2 ultramicrotomes (1 Leica UC6, 1 Leica UCT): for histological and ultrathin sections of biological samples embedded in different resins. Autonomous access after training.
  • 1 ultra cryomicrotome Leica UC7-FC7: for histological and ultrathin cryosections of frozen biological samples. Autonomous access after training.
  • 1 metal vacuum evaporator Cressington 308R: for rotary shadowing and carbon evaporation. Autonomous access after training.
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