ImagoSeine is the imaging core facility of Institut Jacques Monod.
ImagoSeine is member of the GIS-IBiSA, of the national research infrastructure France-BioImaging and of the european network Euro-BioImaging.
ImagoSeine has been ISO9001 certified (2008:NFX50-900 norm)  by LRQA since november 2015.

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ImagoSeine News

  • January 2018: demonstration of the new confocal microscope A1 R+ (Nikon).

    Availability of the microscope at the facility: two weeks

  • November 2017: demonstration of the new confocal microscope LSM880 fast Airy scan (Zeiss).

    Availability of the microscope at the facility: one week

  • November 2017: organisation on our site of a symposium of one day on ‘Sample Preparation for microscopy: from single protein to model organisms and organs’,

    in the frame of the working group ‘Sample Preparation’ of the microscopy network rtmfm of CNRS.

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Next Events

  • Du 25 June2018 au 26 June2018

    Transparisation des échantillons biologiques: Quelles méthodes, pour quels échantillons ?

    Lundi 25 juin 2017
    Institut Jacques Monod – Université Paris Diderot
    Amphithéâtre Turing, Bâtiment Sophie Germain
    8 place Aurélie Nemours, Paris 75013
  • Du 27 August2018 au 29 August2018

    SMLMS 2018 à Berlin

    8th Single Molecule Localization Microscopy Symposium
    Harnack Haus of the Max-Planck Society in Berlin, Germany
  • Du 05 October2018 au 12 October2018

    MiFoBio 2018

    Édition 2018 de l’école thématique CNRS MiFoBio.

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